Set Your Sunday Morning Up For Success

I’m going to make a confession here. Up until recently, Sunday mornings have always been a little crazy for me. It seemed that no mater how early I woke up, something would come up, and I’d be 5-10 minutes late for church. Always. Then, there I would be. The one dropping the kids off at the church nursery right as the services started, and I’d inevitably plop down on the church pew nasty sweaty (Texas heat and humidity in the middle of July is no joke) looking like I’d just made it out of a f5 tornado. If your Sunday mornings run like this, don’t feel discouraged- you’re not alone! No judgement zone here. So, what do you do? Sit back and just accept the fact that every Sunday up until your youngest turns 18 that you’ll be late for church? Don’t resign yourself! There is hope. This one tip will make your mornings flow like you hired both a nanny and maid.


So, what is this magic tip? Here it is: use your Saturday evenings to conquer your Sunday mornings. In essence, everything you can do ahead of time, do it. It’ll seem daunting the first time or two you do it, but just take on Nike’s slogan and JUST DO IT. Psych yourself up, play some loud 90’s pop on your headphones while you work, reward yourself with snacks- whatever you’ve gotta do. Just do it.

So, what are these “things” I speak of that you can do ahead of time? Here are the things I do the night before (keep in mind that I have both a toddler and a baby), so feel free to customize what you do for your family.

  1. Put Out Clothes

    Have everyone choose what they are going to wear the next day. The whole shebang- shirts, pants/shoes, shoes, socks, etc. Then, iron what needs to be ironed, and put them aside for the next day. This ensures a few things. It eliminates the possibility that someone is missing an essential, like pants, five minutes before you have to leave. It also takes away the stress of having to iron when you’re already behind. Make sure you look up the weather beforehand if you’re in a season or place where things could suddenly change. You don’t want to have a last minute wardrobe change for the whole fam.

  2. Pack the Diaper Bag

    Packing the diaper bag (or getting together whatever things you normally take to church) the night before will eliminate the stress of frantically trying the get things together before you head out the door. I try to make sure I have the necessary diapers, wipes, food/formula, bottles, etc. all together for the next day. If I can’t pack something up right away, I will often leave a note for myself on the diaper bag so I won’t forget. Be your own hero. Once you’re dressed and ready, you can just grab the bag and go.

  3. Plan Out Breakfast

    I highly recommend planning out breakfast the night before so there are no nasty surprises the next morning. As much as I try to make healthy choices for our family, there have been days when our toddler left the house, and I realized all he’d had for breakfast is half of a cinnamon pop-tart. I would suggest planning something simple. You can either make this something you can grab and go, such as fruit, Gogurts, crackers, egg sandwiches, etc., or something you can easily cook, like toast, oatmeal, etc. Don’t forget to think about drinks, too. I read an article once suggesting a Sunday morning coffee cake from scratch. NO. DON’T DO IT. Friends don’t let friends do drugs, and friends don’t let friends make coffee cake from scratch on Sunday mornings. IF you decide to digress from my advice, I would recommend making something like this ahead of time so all you have to do is preheat the oven and stick that bad boy in the next morning.

  4. Tidy the Home

    My last suggestion to you is to try tidying your home home up. Why? I’ve found that a tidy home clears my mind. I can find things more easily, and it just makes me a generally happy person. I don’t sit in church filled with anxiety because I know the dishwasher is still dirty, and I have to make lunch when I get home. You’ll thank yourself later.

And there you have it! Do I do this every Sunday? No, but I should! The weekends I fail at this are rough ones, and there’s really not a reason for it. If Mama is happy and of a sound mind, then the rest of the family tends to follow. Doing these things is pretty easy, and they’re not overly time consuming. Treat yourself to a good Sunday, and set yourself up for success Saturday evening.

Do you do other things that help you get ready for Sunday morning? I’d love to hear!